Guidelines To Making A Fleece Photo Blanket

14 Sep

A photo blanket is a fabric that is rectangular in shape and a bit large in size used to display different kinds of images. It could be a family moment captured to create memories. The blanket could be used for aesthetic purposes or just used as a blanket to cover you up with. These blankets are usually made of thick fabrics which depict objects, people and symbols with the intention of telling a story or as a reminder of previous historic events. Below are some of the tips to making a fleece photo blanket.

You Need To Organize Yourself

First and foremost, you need to do your research if you are not sure of everything you will need. You could use the internet to provide you with more tips to get organized. After finding out a few things, you should know the theme for your picture collage blanket. A theme is important because it will guide you in expressing your intention through the blanket. If it is family photos, you will for example arrange photos in a specific order to narrate a specific story.

Ensure You Divide the Photos Evenly

The next step after determining your theme, you will be required to distribute the photos equally so that if it is a story about your family members or children, none of them feels left out. You should be fair enough to ensure everybody appears and no one appears more than the rest.

Use the Shuffle Button Wisely

It is typical of human to be spoilt for choice. Therefore when you feel that every photo is nice and you develop a need to use them all, do not the shuffle button resize. The shuffle button should always remain your companion. You are allowed to move things around and be flexible to changes in case the order in which they are is not pleasing. Be sure to check out this website at and know more about photography.

Consider Using Both Front and Back

It is advisable to use both the front and the back of your blanket so that you are able to express yourself widely. Cherished life moments are too many to be squeezed at one point whereas you have the option of the other part.

Editing Of the Photos Is Allowed

You could considered editing of photos so that you get your desired image to appear wherever you want it to. Editing is quite simple especially if you know what you want. Click here for some options.

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